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Equine Clinical Medicine, Surgery and Reproduction

Equine Clinical Medicine, Surgery and Reproduction

Graham Munroe, Scott Weese

ISBN: 978-1-840-76119-1

Jul 2010

864 pages

Select type: Hardcover


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The internationally respected editors and authors have combined to produce this major new textbook and reference source in a single volume, covering all aspects of equine medicine, surgery and reproduction. The text is supported by a wealth of over 1200 illustrations of the highest quality – colour photographs, radiographic and ultrasound images, and diagrams. The book is systems-based and each individual system is introduced with precise information on the relevant basic anatomy and physiology, standard clinical examination techniques and useful differential diagnostic aids. This is followed by diseases and disorders that are pertinent to that system, grouped together either anatomically or based on presenting clinical signs. Each condition is described using consistent headings – definition/overview, aetiology and pathophysiology, clinical presentation, diagnosis, differential diagnoses, management/treatment, and prognosis. Additional chapters deal with the foal, with wounds and behavioural problems.

The focus throughout is on providing clinically relevant information required for practical case management, plus sufficient background on causes and disease processes to enable readers to understand the conditions and the rationale for diagnostic and treatment options.

Equine Medicine and Surgery will be of lasting value as a teaching and training resource for equine specialists, a ready reference for non-specialist practitioners, and a textbook for students in veterinary medicine and related equine courses.