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Equine Ophthalmology, 3rd Edition



Equine Ophthalmology, 3rd Edition

Brian C. Gilger (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-119-04799-5 November 2016 Wiley-Blackwell 680 Pages


Now available in a fully updated third edition, Equine Ophthalmology is the most comprehensive and current clinical resource for the diagnosis and treatment of ophthalmic disease in horses.  

  • Provides complete, authoritative information on the diagnosis and treatment of ophthalmic disease in horses
  • Fully updated with improved figures, the latest research, and new chapters on advanced diagnostics, foal ophthalmology, neuro-ophthalmology, national and international regulations, and an expanded chapter on inherited ocular disease
  • Features contributions from an international group of equine experts, under the editorship of a leading equine veterinary specialist
  • Offers comprehensive coverage of clinical and reference information ideal for specialists, general equine practitioners, and veterinary students alike
  • Includes access to a companion website with expanded content and figures

List of contributors, iv

Preface to the third edition, vi

About the companion website, vii

1 Equine ocular examination basic techniques, 1
Riccardo Stoppini and Brian C. Gilger

2 Advanced ophthalmic imaging in the horse, 40
Eric C. Ledbetter and Ruth A. Van Hatten

3 Practical field ophthalmology, 72
Ann E. Dwyer

4 Ophthalmic diseases of foals, 112
Marta Leiva and Teresa Peña

5 Diseases and surgery of the globe and orbit, 151
Claudia Hartley and Rachael A. Grundon

6 Diseases of the adnexa and nasolacrimal system, 197
Elizabeth A. Giuliano

7 Diseases of the cornea, 252
Dennis E. Brooks, Andrew Matthews, and Alison B. Clode

8 Diseases of the uvea, uveitis, and recurrent uveitis, 369
Brian C. Gilger and Steven R. Hollingsworth

9 Diseases and surgery of the lens, 416
Richard J. McMullen Jr and Brian C. Gilger

10 Glaucoma, 453
David A. Wilkie, Anne J. GemenskyMetzler, Mary Lassaline, and Dennis E. Brooks

11 Diseases of the equine vitreous and retina, 469
Rachel A. Allbaugh, Wendy M. Townsend, and David A. Wilkie

12 Equine vision, 508
Paul E. Miller and Christopher J. Murphy

13 Inherited ocular disorders, 545
Lynne Sheila Sandmeyer and Rebecca Bellone

14 Equine neuro‐ophthalmology, 567
Elsa Beltran, Kaspar Matiasek, and Claudia Hartley

15 Ocular manifestations of systemic disease, 591
Jennifer L. Davis

16 National and international regulations on ophthalmic disease and medications, 624
Mary Lassaline

17 Management of blind horses, 629
Ann E. Dwyer

Index, 649