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Equine Science, 2nd Edition

Equine Science, 2nd Edition

Sarah Pilliner, Zoe Davies

ISBN: 978-1-118-70310-6 May 2013 Wiley-Blackwell 336 Pages




Equine Science provides – in one book – all the essential scientific knowledge students require.

Describing the structure and function of the various body systems and clearly explaining the scientific rationale behind modern horse husbandry practices, this book has been written specifically for students on National and Higher Diploma courses and equine studies degree programmes, Advanced National Certificate and BHS Stage IV.

The second edition has been revised to reflect the changes in the student curriculum, and the book includes two new chapters on the cell and genetics.

The Authors

Sarah Pilliner is an equine consultant specialising in horse care. She is also an experienced lecturer, competition rider and senior examiner, and the author of several books.

Zoe Davies is a former lecturer in equine science, a consultant equine nutritionist, author and external examiner for higher education courses. She has substantial experience in equine management and training.

Part I The Systems of the Horse.

The Cell.

The skeleton.


The lower leg.

The respiratory system.

The circulatory system.

The control systems.

The senses.

The skin.

The urinary system.

The teeth and ageing.

The digestive system.


Part II Science in Action.

Conformation and soundness.

Movement and lameness.

The invaders.

Wounds and wound healing.

Fitness and feeding.


* Updated and expanded to satisfy the needs of an expanding number of equine studies students

* Equine science and its applications have developed remarkably during recent years* Includes ‘applied reproduction’ such as AI and embryo transfer, important diseases and parasite control and new chapters on genetics, feeding and fitness.