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Erfolgsfaktor Work-Life-Balance

Erfolgsfaktor Work-Life-Balance

Silke Michalk, Peter Nieder

ISBN: 978-3-527-50273-8

Oct 2007

272 pages

Select type: Paperback

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The concept of work-life balance is a logical development of existing personnel-politic concepts, such as reducing absenteeism, corporate health management, attendance management and activities to bond staff. Here, Silke Michalk and Peter Nieder explain what work-life balance is and why it will have an important role to play in future as an instrument for HR management in companies. Their book focuses on the possibilities of realizing a WLB in different companies, yet not an isolated individual case, but rather on the connection between WLB projects thus far and organization development. The authors present a number of successful projects (case studies and real-life examples) to develop recommended actions for a successful implementation in different companies (consequences and measures; strategic alignment; future scenarios).