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Error-Control Techniques for Digital Communication

Error-Control Techniques for Digital Communication

Arnold M. Michelson , Allen H. Levesque

ISBN: 978-0-471-88074-5

Feb 1985

488 pages

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This practical handbook provides communication systems engineers with guidance in the application of error-control coding. It emphasizes the fundamental concepts of coding theory while minimizing the use of mathematical tools...demonstrates the role of coding in communication system design...shows the performance gains achievable with coding...illustrates how codes should be used and how to select the right code parameters...discusses the decoding techniques that should be considered and how they are implemented...and examines how detailed performance results are obtained.
Reliable Transmission of Digital Information.

Some Fundamentals and Simple Block Codes.

Algebra of Linear Block Codes.

Binary Cyclic Codes and BCH Codes.

Decoding Techniques for Binary BCH Codes.

Nonbinary BCH Codes and Reed-Solomon Codes.

The Performance of Linear Block Codes with Bounded-Distance Decoding.

Introduction to Convolutional Codes.

Maximum Likelihood Decoding of Convolutional Codes Sequential Decoding.

Applications of Error-Control Coding.