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Essential Clinical Oral Biology

Stephen Creanor (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-93968-0 April 2016 Wiley-Blackwell 184 Pages


Essential Clinical Oral Biology is an accessible guide to oral biology, introducing the scientific knowledge necessary to succeed in clinical practice.

  • Student-friendly layout with clinical photographs throughout
  • Each chapter has clearly defined key topics and learning objectives 
  • Covers the essentials: what you need to know and why
  • Companion website featuring interactive MCQs, teaching presentations and downloadable images

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1 An Introduction to the Human Dentition
Stephen Creanor

2 Oral Embryology
Stuart McDonald

3 Tooth Development
Stephen Creanor and Kamran Ali

4 Enamel
Paul Anderson and Stephen Creanor

5 The Dentine-Pulp Complex
Stephen Creanor, Christopher Tredwin and Taher Elgalaid

6 Cementum
Stephen Creanor

7 Alveolar Bone
Stephen Creanor and Kamran Ali

8 The Periodontal Ligament (PDL)
Vehid Salih and Svetislav Zaric

9 Oral Mucosa
Kamran Ali

10 The Gingiva
Ewen McColl and Stephen Creanor

11 Tooth eruption and development of the occlusion
Declan Millett and Stephen Creanor

12 The Salivary Glands
Stephen Creanor and Kamran Ali

13 Saliva
Stephen Creanor and Kamran Ali

14 Maxillary Sinus
Stuart McDonald, Stephen Creanor and Kamran Ali

15 The Temporomandibular Joint
Stuart McDonald and Stephen Creanor

16 The Tongue
Stuart McDonald and Stephen Creanor

17 Lymph Nodes of the Head and Neck and the Tonsils
Stuart McDonald

18 Dental Plaque and Calculus
Louise Belfield

19 Dental Caries – the Biological Basis
Stephen Creanor

20 Introduction to Periodontal Disease
Gerry Linden and Lewis Winning

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