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Essential Endocrinology and Diabetes, Includes Desktop Edition, 6th Edition



Essential Endocrinology and Diabetes, Includes Desktop Edition, 6th Edition

Richard I. G. Holt, Neil A. Hanley

ISBN: 978-1-118-29045-3 December 2011 Wiley-Blackwell 392 Pages


Beautifully presented, and now in full colour, the sixth edition of Essential Endocrinology and Diabetes is fully up-to-date with the latest knowledge and concepts on the workings of the endocrine system. It explains the key principles of endocrine physiology in an easy reading style popular with students, clinicians and scientists. The invaluable background on basic science and investigation, including new molecular techniques, provides the foundation for detailed discussion of the diagnosis and management of clinical endocrine disorders and diabetes.

The teaching style and presentation has been strengthened throughout, and includes learning objectives and “recap” links at the beginning of each chapter that remind the reader of key findings and principles, while cross-referencing makes it easy to locate related information quickly and efficiently. There are also more case studies, with detailed answers applying theory to practice.

Essential Endocrinology and Diabetes is the perfect resource for a course on endocrinology and diabetes, as part of USMLE teaching, and an on-going companion during postgraduate clinical and scientific study. It is accompanied by a FREE enhanced Wiley Desktop Edition - the interactive, digital version of the book - featuring downloadable text and images, highlighting and note taking facilities, book-marking, cross-referencing, in-text searching, and linking to references and glossary terms.

Preface vii

List of abbreviations x

How to get the best out of your textbook xii

PART 1: Foundations of Endocrinology 1

1 Overview of endocrinology 3

2 Cell biology and hormone synthesis 14

3 Molecular basis of hormone action 27

4 Investigations in endocrinology and diabetes 48

PART 2: Endocrinology – Biology to Clinical Practice 63

5 The hypothalamus and pituitary gland 65

6 The adrenal gland 99

7 Reproductive endocrinology 127

8 The thyroid gland 165

9 Calcium and metabolic bone disorders 190

10 Pancreatic and gastrointestinal endocrinology and endocrine neoplasia 213

PART 3: Diabetes and Obesity 233

11 Overview of diabetes 235

12 Type 1 diabetes 257

13 Type 2 diabetes 285

14 Complications of diabetes 311

15 Obesity 343

Index 360

"Essential Endocrinology has been a brilliant book for my general medicine placement. It is concise and well-illustrated, and its handy size means it is not a hassle to carry it when away in regional hospitals. The case histories have been a particularly useful feature of the book to test my understanding of endocrinology in a clinically relevant manner. I feel the content of the book is pitched perfectly for medical students.

Recently I have had to teach the topics of adrenal and thyroid hormones and the clinical applications to preclinical students. This book has been particularly useful during preparation, as it dedicates 2 chapters specifically to them. It covers the physiology in good detail without being excessive. Perhaps in a future edition, there could be a page or two in each chapter dedicated to the relevant histology since this is something that would be relevant to preclinical students and the book is recommended as the core text for second year med students studying endocrinology at Cambridge." (Medical student supervisor, Cambridge Unversity)

“I love this book, it is everything I am currently looking for as a 5th year about to sit finals, and I will be reading every chapter in preparation.”  (Final year medical student, University of Glasgow)

“I am very impressed at the ease with which I am reading some of the hardest material – especially the molecular basis of endocrinology” (Psychiatry Resident, University of Cincinnati)