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Essential Guide to Operations Management: Concepts and Case Notes



Essential Guide to Operations Management: Concepts and Case Notes

David Bamford, Paul Forrester

ISBN: 978-0-470-74949-4 August 2010 224 Pages


This book is a novel treatment of Operations Management. It takes a fresh insight to this increasingly important topic, exploring fundamental principles equally applicable to service and manufacturing situations. The book adapts a strategic stance by providing a framework for effective decision making and is aimed at practising managers who need to design working processes, manage change and make decisions within a strategic framework. The framework and supporting case vignettes allow the practitioner to grasp essential concepts quickly in a range of different operational contexts.

"Bamford and Forrester have done an excellent job in creating a concise, salient, and appealing approach - they have captured the essential elements of designing processes, products and work organizations; exploring approaches to operations planning and control; managing change through effective project management and technology transfer; and then managing quality and improvement strategies".
Professor Rob Handfield, Professor of Supply Chain Management, North Carolina State University, USA

"This is an excellent concise text that introduces students to all of the key areas - it's an invaluable aid for students in understanding all of the major aspects of operations and their importance to the success of businesses".
Professor Steve Brown, Professor of Management, University of Exeter Business School, University of Exeter, UK

"For today's or tomorrow's business leaders this text has well structured invaluable content ready for immediate adoption. Follow the guide, put it into practice, and the rewards will follow".
Mr Vernon Barker, Managing Director, First TransPennine Express, First Group Plc, UK

"This book combines technical theory 'book smarts' with real life experience 'street smarts' in a flowing read".
Mr Stephen Oliver, Vice President Marketing & Sales, Vicor Corporation, Boston, USA

Chapter 1 - Operations Management in Context

Chapter 2 - Designing Business Processes

Chapter 3 - Designing Products & Services

Chapter 4 - Transfer of Technology

Chapter 5 - Controlling Enterprise Resources

Chapter 6 - Developing Lean Operations

Chapter 7 - Managing Projects

Chapter 8 - Managing Operations Strategically

Chapter 9 - Managing Quality Systems

Chapter 10 - Improving the Operations

Chapter 11 - Making It All Work!

Selected References

  • A concise and affordable guide to the key concepts of Operations Management, with a range of contemporary applications for managers
  • Covers recent developments in OM such as project management, technology transfer, the latest quality improvement measures and supply chain strategies
  • Includes case examples, key reading lists , useful web addresses at the end of each chapter and a ‘useful formulae’ listing for the quantitative side of operations management