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Essential Manufacturing

Essential Manufacturing

Gordon Mair

ISBN: 978-1-119-06166-3

Mar 2019

400 pages

Select type: Paperback




An introduction to the manufacturing industry

Essential Manufacturing provides a comprehensive introduction to the wide breadth of the manufacturing industry.

There is a need for all engineering and business students to understand the importance and context of the manufacturing industry. An engineer should have a well rounded appreciation of all aspects of the industry they work in, including manufacturing. This is evidenced by professional bodies expecting all accredited engineering courses to provide students with a background that allows them to see their own specific discipline in context. Similarly, business students will often find themselves dealing in some way with manufactured products or even be directly involved in manufacturing operations management. This book will cover the full spectrum of the manufacturing industry to provide a holistic appreciation of the topic but with enough detail to be of practical use.

The book begins with an introduction to the manufacturing industry, its history, and some important manufacturing concepts.  The materials used in manufacturing and how they are produced are covered. This is followed by a more detailed description of the more common manufacturing processes, their application, and the types of automation used in the manufacturing industry. Consideration is then given to the important aspects of manufacturing operations management and production planning and control, work study, and manufacturing economics. How to maintain quality in the manufacturing process, including metrology, is examined and this is followed by human factors in manufacturing. Finally, a speculative look at the future of manufacturing is included.

Key features:

  • Takes a self-contained approach.
  • Includes review questions.
  • Suitable as an introduction for more advanced study.
  • Satisfies the requirements of college and first and second year university engineering courses.

The book provides a comprehensive, concise introduction to the manufacturing industry for engineering and management students.

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Part 1

1 Introduction

2 Manufacturing History

3 Typical Manufacturing Industries

4 Designing for Manufacture

5 Manufacturing Concepts

Part 2

6 Materials for Manufacture

7 Materials Production

Part 3

8 Casting

9 Cutting Processes

10 Deformation Processes

11 Pressworking

12 Plastics Processing

13 Additive Manufacturing Processes

14 Miscellaneous Metalworking Processes

15 Manufacturing Processes in the Electronics industry

16 Assembly and Joining

17 Material and Process Selection

Part 4

18 Manufacturing Automation - Introduction

19 The Building Blocks of Automated Systems

20 Reprogrammable Automation

21 Machine Vision

Part 5

22 Production Planning

23 Production Control

24 Work Study

25 Manufacturing Economics

Part 6

26 Quality Defined – Quality Management and Assurance

27 Metrology and Statistical Quality Control

Part 7

28 Human Factors in Manufacturing

Part 8

29 Conclusion