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Essential Reproduction, 7th Edition

Essential Reproduction, 7th Edition

Martin H. Johnson

ISBN: 978-1-118-42388-2

Dec 2012, Wiley-Blackwell

392 pages



Providing essential reading for medical, veterinary and biological science students, and students of physiology and trainees in obstetrics and gynaecology, the seventh edition of Essential Reproduction offers an up-to-date account of the fundamentals of reproduction within the context of cutting-edge knowledge and examples of its application. It provides a multidisciplinary approach integrating physiology, genetics, behaviour, anatomy and clinical science, to give thorough coverage of the study of mammalian reproduction.

Essential Reproduction is now accompanied by the Wiley E-Text: Powered by VitalSource, and includes:

  • The latest on conceptual, informational and applied aspects of reproduction
  • A new structure offering a more logical approach to study and revision
  • Expanded further reading suggestions to support research

A companion website at features all of the images from the book to download – perfect for instructor and student support.

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Preface vii

How to use this book viii

Acknowledgements ix

Features of your textbook x

PART 1: Introduction 1

1 What is reproduction? 3

PART 2: Making men and women 33

2 Sex 35

3 Sexual maturation 50

4 Gender 69

5 Sexual selection 85

PART 3: Preparing for pregnancy 103

6 Making sperm 105

7 Men 122

8 Making eggs 133

9 Women 151

PART 4: Making an embryo 173

10 Sperm and eggs 175

11 Fertilization 189

12 Initiating pregnancy 206

PART 5: Maintaining a pregnancy 225

13 Supporting the embryo and fetus 227

14 Growing the fetus 245

15 Fetal challenges 258

PART 6: A new individual 271

16 Preparing for birth 273

17 Giving birth 283

18 Lactation 297

19 Postnatal care 309

PART 7: Manipulating reproduction 323

20 Regulating fertility 325

21 Restoring fertility 340

22 Society and reproduction 356

Index 365

  • A new structure offering a more logical approach to the study of reproduction
  • Expanded further reading suggestions to support research
  • A digital version of the book available as a Wiley E-Text
  • A companion website at containing all of the images from the book – perfect for instructor and student support

“Although professionals at all levels may derive some benefit from this book, the ease of reading and the accompanying online versions may benefit students the most. The illustrations are wonderful and the content solid with a decidedly European feel.”  (Doody’s, 7 June 2013)

Essential Reproduction is the recommended text for students studying the reproduction course and my go-to guide when preparing material to cover during supervisions. It explains the key principles of the subject as well as reviewing the scientific evidence in an approachable way. The 7th edition has been updated and the contents broken down into shorter chapters - making navigation through the book more manageable. I noticed that some topics that are common "problem areas" for students have also been restructured. A particularly useful feature is the e-text feature of the book purchase, which enables me to access the text on my iPad so I can always have it handy for quick reference. Overall, it's difficult to bring this book's substance to fault - a very minor quibble is that the book's 7th Ed facelift has resulted in every chapter title being illustrated by the image of fertilisation whereas it would have been nice to see an images more relevant to context of the chapters in question. In a future edition, "self-test" questions or stimuli for further discussion/essay writing would be a welcome stylistic addition. (Stephanie Smith, University of Cambridge)

  • A fully-revised and updated edition of the best-selling introduction to the study of reproduction
  • Provides an introduction to the fundamentals of reproduction, with the latest on conceptual, informational and applied aspects of reproduction
  • Offers a more logical approach to the study of reproduction