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Essentials of CAS2 Assessment

Jack A. Naglieri, Tulio M. Otero

ISBN: 978-1-118-58927-4 March 2017 320 Pages


The definitive guide to the latest edition of the Cognitive Assessment System

Essentials of CAS2 Assessment is a comprehensive guide to the successful administration of the updated CAS2. Written by leading cognitive assessment experts, the book discusses the latest research and thinking on PASS (Planning, Attention-Arousal, Simultaneous and Successive) theory and includes case studies that demonstrate the use of CAS2 with several types of diagnostic groups and integration with other instruments. A companion website offers additional tools and information to help busy professionals make optimal use of the CAS2.

This is the first book to provide comprehensive, step-by-step guidelines for administering, scoring, and interpreting the latest edition of the Cognitive Assessment System (CAS2). While the outcome of the test depends upon the child's performance, the reliability and accuracy of the analysis depends largely upon the performance of the test administrator. Essentials of CAS2 Assessment offers detailed insight on topics such as:

  • Fair assessment of diverse populations
  • Assessment of children with comorbid conditions
  • Changes to the CAS2 rating scale and form
  • Nuances of the three-tier model

Each chapter in the book highlights key concepts, bulleted points, and actual test questions. The CAS2 is a valuable tool in the detection of learning disabilities, ADHD, TBI, retardation, and giftedness. Essentials of CAS2 Assessment is the guidebook professionals need to ensure the CAS2 test is applied and analyzed accurately so that the results can be applied to the maximum benefit of the child.

Series Preface xiii

Preface xv

Acknowledgments xix

One Overview 1

Introduction to CAS2 7

Description of the CAS2 Measures 9

CAS2 9

Uses of the CAS2 19

Theoretical Foundation 20

Standardization, Reliability, and Validity 29

Operationalization of PASS Theory in the

Three CAS2 Measures 33

PASS Relationship to Achievement 33

Race and Ethnic Differences 36

Detecting Learning Problems 39

PASS and Academic Interventions 41

Planning Facilitation 42


Test Yourself 46

Two Administration and Scoring of the CAS2, CAS2: Brief, and CAS2: Rating Scale 49

Appropriate Testing Conditions 49

Administration of CAS2 61

Scoring the CAS2 71

Administration of CAS2: Brief 81

Scoring the CAS2: Brief 85

Administration of CAS2: Rating Scale 86

Scoring the CAS2: Rating Scale 86

Test Yourself 88

Three Interpretation 93

CAS2 Interpretation 94

Essential Steps for CAS2, CAS2: Brief, and CAS2: Rating Scale 97

Advanced Steps for CAS2 Interpretation 106

Using CAS2 Online 119

Test Yourself 128

Four Assessment of English Language Learners 129

Context for Understanding the Need for Fair Assessment with English Language Learners 129

Understanding Language Development and ELLs 130

The Challenges of ELL Assessment 132

Current Options for Testing ELL Students 134

Case Illustration 141

Test Yourself 145

Five Intervention 147
Jack A. Naglieri and Steven Feifer

Intervention’s Essential Components 148

Assessment of Reading 159

CAS2 and Mathematics 164

Test Yourself 179

Six Strengths and Weaknesses of CAS2 181

Theoretical 182

Specific Learning Disability Eligibility 185

Practical Issues 186

Nondiscriminatory Assessment 188

Test Yourself 191

Seven Clinical Applications of the CAS2 193

Specific Learning Disabilities 193

Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder 211

Autism 229

Traumatic Brain Injury 234

Gifted and Talented Students 240

Intellectual Disability 244

Test Yourself 255

Appendix A CAS2 KTEA-3 Comparisons 257

Appendix B CAS2 and WIAT-III Comparisons 261

Appendix C CAS2 and WJ-IV Achievement Comparisons 265

Appendix D CAS2 and Feifer Assessment of Reading (FAR) 269

Appendix E CAS2 and Feifer Assessment of Math (FAM) 271

Appendix F CAS2 and Bateria III 273

References 277

About the Authors 289

Index 291