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Essentials of Fluidization

Essentials of Fluidization

John R. Grace, Xiaotao Bi, Naoko Ellis

ISBN: 978-3-527-34064-4

May 2021

400 pages


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A concise and clear introduction to the basics of fluidization, with a view to its applications in the process and energy industries.
Introduction and Applications
Particle Properties Relevant to Fluidized Beds
Onset of Fluidization
Liquid Fluidization
Gas Fluidization Flow Regimes
Experimental Systems for Studying Fluidized Beds
Computational Fluid Dynamics Applied to Fluidization
Hydrodynamics of Bubbling Fluidized Beds
Slug Flow Regime
Turbulent Fluidization Regime
Entrainment from Bubbling and Turbulent Beds
Cyclones and Other Separation Equipment
Circulating Fluidized Beds
Operating Challenges
Heat and Mass Transfer
Fluidized Beds as Catalytic Reactors
Fluidized Beds for Gas-Solid Reactions
Scale-Up of Fluidized Beds
Baffles and Aids to Fluidization
Downer Reactors
Spouted and Spout-Fluid Beds
Three-Phase (Gas-Liquid-Solid) Fluidization