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Essentials of Forestry Practice, 4th Edition

Essentials of Forestry Practice, 4th Edition

Charles H. Stoddard , Glenn M. Stoddard

ISBN: 978-0-471-84237-8

Mar 1987

432 pages

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Principles of forestry are introduced with emphasis on actual field practices, both traditional and modern. The fourth edition includes expanded treatments of small private forest owners, reflecting changing patterns in ownership; more informtion on new advances in timber volumes, growth, cut, and management; updated coverage of forest instruments; and more on pollution damage, reflecting current problems. Each significant field practice is illustrated with photos, drawings, and tables for easier comprehension.
The Forestry Challenge.

Forestry: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow.

Characteristics and Growth Requirements of Forest Trees.

The Composition and Distribution of Forests.

Applying Silvicultural Systems.

Measuring the Forest.

Forest Management and Timber Production Finance.

Logging and Measuring Forest products.

Protecting Forests from Fire, Insects, and Diseases.

Processing and Marketing Forest Products.

Managing Forest Lands for other Purposes.

Organization and Administration of Forestry Programs.