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Essentials of Intellectual Property

Essentials of Intellectual Property

Alexander I. Poltorak, Paul J. Lerner

ISBN: 978-0-471-27329-5 October 2002 256 Pages





Full of valuable tips, techniques, illustrative real-world examples, exhibits, and best practices, this handy and concise paperback will help you stay up to date on the newest thinking, strategies, developments, and technologies in intellectual property.

"Alexander Poltorak and Paul Lerner have written the definitive primer on intellectual property for business professionals. Thorough in its coverage and understandable in its delivery, Essentials of Intellectual Property provides not only an outstanding summary of intellectual property basics, but a useful and sensible strategy for using intellectual property to the best needs of a business. Poltorak and Lerner have combined their in-depth knowledge of patent law with their savvy business skills to yield an indispensable reference for the business professional."
—Jeffrey L. Brandt, Patent Attorney, Former Senior Vice President and Intellectual Property & Licensing Counsel,

"Alex Poltorak and Paul Lerner have pulled off a mighty feat with Essentials of Intellectual Property. They have crafted a work that is clear for the beginning practitioner while nuanced and sophisticated for the savvy tech transfer and IP management veteran. Lively and often witty writing is a treat not often found in tomes on what can be a dry subject. With Essentials of Intellectual Property, the practitioner has a new literary tool for tying IP strategy to the business reality of tomorrow."
—Edward Kahn, Founder and President, EKMS, Inc., Cambridge, MA

"This critically important new volume of work not only provides the professional with a greater knowledge of this vast subject, but also the novice with a better understanding and appreciation for the results of their creative abilities."
—Lawrence J. Udell, Executive Director, California Invention Center, Professor of New Ventures and Entrepreneurship

The Wiley Essentials Series—because the business world is always changing...and so should you.


Introduction: Setting the Stage.

1. The Big Three: Patents, Trademarks, and Copyrights.

2. The Supporting Players: Other Types of IP.

3. Protecting the Fruits of Your R&D.

4. Know What You Have (IP Audit) and What the Other Guy Has (Competitive Intelligence).

5. What Is It Worth-Putting a Value on Intellectual Property.

6. Make More Money by Sharing (Licensing).

7. Officers and Directors Beware-You Can Be Liable for Mismanaging Intellectual Property.

8. Enforcing Your Rights.

9. Intellectual Property in Cyberspace.

10. The Patent Portfolio and Its Effect on Stock Price.

A. Trademark and Service Mark Application.

B. Copyright Application.

C. Confidentiality and Nondisclosure Agreement.

D. Invention Assignment Form.

E. Basic IP Audit Questionnaire.

F. Patent Valuation.

G. Invention Disclosure Form.

H. License Agreements.


Further Reading.

This book is the liveliest, best-written and most thorough introduction to the fundamentals of this subject. Yet it goes beyond the framework of basic IP protection to discuss emerging concepts as well as inside information immediately useful in the real world. In short, it forms the next rung in the advancement of IP management up the ladder from an art to a science.
( Samson Vermont, founder of the periodical Patent Strategy Patent Attorney)

Poltorak and Lerner deliver a remarkable new book, just in time, for the layperson who wants to study the modern intellectual property landscape. In a style that prompts, guides, and mentors the reader, the book should prove invaluable to those who need to acquire enough of an understanding of the material to keep out of trouble. Easy to read and free of jargon and difficult legal language, the book is one I will recommend to those who want a straightforward introduction to an increasingly important legal specialty.
( Alexis N. Sommers, Ph.D., Professor of Industrial Engineering University of New Haven Director, Education and Training Connecticut Association of Purchasing Managers)

As intellectual property becomes a more important aspect of the world's economy, this book is a must-read. Dr. Poltorak's and Mr. Lerner's experience, knowledge and wit help both new and experienced licensing practitioners understand and appreciate the simple and complex issues in the field of intellectual property licensing.
( Arthur M. Nutter, President, TAEUS)

Essentials of Intellectual Property should be required reading for any manager interested in developing an IP strategy. Alex Poltorak and Paul Lerner have distilled their years of experience into an easy to understand text that may prove to be a "go to" book for many busy executives.
( Paul E. Paray, Managing Member, Licenz Group, LLC and former CEO AnIdea Corporation.)

This critically important new volume of work not only provides the professional with a greater knowledge of this vast subject, but also the novice with a better understanding and appreciation for the results of their creative abilities.
( Lawrence J. Udell, Executive Director California Invention Center Professor of New Ventures and Entrepreneurship)

The recent interest in Intellectual Property as a company asset comes as no surprise to inventors. For years we have known that every invention, whether physical or intellectual, starts with a unique idea. This book represents the insight and experience of the two critical elements of modern IP issues - the process of securing an IP patent and the structure for protecting it. In the global information technospace of today's business, nothing is more important than understanding and controlling access to proprietary ideas. Knowing just what steps to take will help us all, inventors and users. As a holder of patents, I feel relieved to know that there is now a map for navigating the labyrinth in this area.
( Arthur "Skip" Moen, Ph.D.)

Essentials of Intellectual Property is an essential read for anyone managing an enterprise that invests resources in innovation. This book provides, with the clarity of plain English, valuable guidance for both protecting the intellectual property created by a firm's creative efforts, and deriving revenue and value from them as well. After being read, it should be kept close as a handy desk reference.
( Norman Zafman, Founding partner of Blakely, Sokoloff, Taylor & Zafman)