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Essentials of Online payment Security and Fraud Prevention

Essentials of Online payment Security and Fraud Prevention

David A. Montague

ISBN: 978-1-118-38675-0

Mar 2012

256 pages


Essential guidance for preventing fraud in the card-not-present (CNP) space

This book focuses on the prevention of fraud for the card-not-present transaction. The payment process, fraud schemes, and fraud techniques will all focus on these types of transactions ahead.

  • Reveals the top 45 fraud prevention techniques
  • Uniquely focuses on eCommerce fraud essentials
  • Provides the basic concepts around CNP payments and the ways fraud is perpetrated

If you do business online, you know fraud is a part of doing business. Essentials of On-line Payment Security and Fraud Prevention equips you to prevent fraud in the CNP space.



1 Understanding Online Payment Options.

2 Key Concepts for E-Commerce Credit Card Payments.

3 Fraud Basics for Companies Doing Business Online.

4 Fraud Management Key Concepts.

5 Fraud Prevention Techniques: Identity Proofing.

6 Fraud Prevention Techniques: Guaranteed Payments.

7 Fraud Prevention Techniques: Fraud Scoring.

8 Fraud Prevention Techniques: Operational Management (Enterprise).

9 Fraud Prevention Techniques: Analytics.

10 Fraud Prevention Techniques: Data Quality.

11 Fraud Prevention Techniques: Technology.

12 Fraud Prevention Techniques: Data Sharing.

Appendix A: Protecting Yourself from Identity Theft.

Appendix B: Sample Strategy.

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