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Essentials of School Neuropsychological Assessment, 2nd Edition



Essentials of School Neuropsychological Assessment, 2nd Edition

Daniel C. Miller

ISBN: 978-1-118-17584-2 January 2013 544 Pages

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Written by a renowned expert in school neuropsychology, Essentials of School Neuropsychological Assessment, Second Edition is a practical resource presenting school psychologists, educational diagnosticians, and pediatric neuropsychologists with clear coverage and vital information on this evolving area of practice within school psychology. Filled with case studies and guidance for your practice, the Second Edition offers new coverage of major neuropsychological test batteries for children, including NEPSY ®-II;  Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children®,  Fourth Edition Integrated;  and Delis-Kaplan Executive Function System ™.

Like all the volumes in the Essentials of Psychological Assessment series, this book is designed to help busy mental health professionals quickly acquire the knowledge and skills they need to make optimal use of major psychological assessment instruments. Each concise chapter features numerous callout boxes highlighting key concepts, bulleted points, and extensive illustrative material, as well as test questions that help you gauge and reinforce your grasp of the information covered.

The accompanying CD-ROM provides helpful tools, including sample case studies and searchable databases of neuropsychological tests classified by processing area and conceptual model. Essentials of School Neuropsychological Assessment, Second Edition explores how to identify the need for testing, conduct a neurodevelopmental history, select appropriate assessment instruments, effectively evaluate students, and accurately interpret results.

Foreword xi

Series Preface xv

Acknowledgments xvii

One: The Emerging Specialization of School Neuropsychology 1

Two: Historical Influences of Clinical Neuropsychology and School Psychology 23

Three: Training and Credentialing in School Neuropsychology 51

Four: When to Refer for a School Neuropsychological Assessment 69

Five: An Integrated Model for School Neuropsychology Assessment 99

Six: School Neuropsychology Report Writing 127

Seven: Major School Neuropsychological Test Batteries for Children 159

Eight: Clinical Interpretation Guidelines 181

Nine: Case Study Illustration 209

Ten: Sensorimotor Functions 261

Eleven: Visuospatial and Auditory Cognitive Processes 283

Twelve: Learning and Memory Cognitive Processes 303

Thirteen: Executive Functions 339

Fourteen: Attention and Working Memory Facilitators/Inhibitors 373

Fifteen: Speed, Fluency, and Efficiency of Processing Facilitators/Inhibitors 397

Sixteen: Acquired Knowledge: Acculturation Knowledge and Language Abilities 421

Seventeen: Acquired Knowledge: Academic Achievement 439

Eighteen: Future Directions of School Neuropsychological Assessment 473

Appendix 481

References 485

About the Author 508

Index 509

About the CD-ROM 519