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Ethics: The Heart of Health Care, 3rd Edition

Dr. David Seedhouse

ISBN: 978-0-470-77316-1 November 2008 272 Pages


Ethics: The Heart of Health Care — a classic ethics text in medical, health and nursing studies — is recommended around the globe for its straightforward introduction to ethical analysis. In this Third Edition David Seedhouse again demonstrates tangibly and graphically how ethics and health care are inextricably bound together, and creates a firm theoretical basis for practical decision-making. He not only clarifies ethics but, with the aid of the acclaimed Ethical Grid, teaches an essential practical skill which can be productively applied in day-to-day health care.

Completely revised and updated, this Third Edition presents an expanded theory of ethics section, and includes comprehensive and contemporary examples and case studies. Newly covered are introductions to rights in health care ethics, the ethics of care, intuitionism, privacy, euthanasia, suicide and consent, and an extensive FAQ section is added.

About the Author.

Preface (3E).

Preface to the Second Edition.

Preface to the First Edition.


Introduction (3E).

Introduction to the Second Edition.

Chapter One: Growing Pains.

Chapter Two: Ethics is the Key.

Chapter Three: Problems of Practice.

Chapter Four: The Search for Morality.

Chapter Five: Persons and Potentials.

Chapter Six: Theories of Ethics.

Chapter Seven: Obstacles to Clear Moral Reasoning.

Chapter Eight: The Rings of Uncertainty.

Chapter Nine: The Background to the Ethical Grid.

Chapter Ten: The Use of the Ethical Grid.

Chapter Eleven: The Values Exchange.