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Edited By:Professor John Davis

Vol 16(3 Issues in 2017 ) Print ISSN: 1478-0917 Online ISSN: 1746692X


EuroChoices - Agri-food and rural resource issues

Against the backdrop of significant and fundamental changes in European agri-food industries and rural areas, EuroChoices was launched in 2001 as a vehicle for dissemination of the latest research, ideas and policy deliberations on agri-food and rural resource issues. It aims to bring careful reasoning with an economic underpinning to the debates and options surrounding these issues and to present in-depth, evidence-based arguments and research findings in an accessible format to both a technical and non-technical audience. Distinguished authors and decision-makers are regularly invited to contribute to EuroChoices. This ensures that the debates and decision-making process which guides and forms Europe's agri-food and rural resource policies & practices are brought directly to the reader, thus making it essential reading for policy-makers, corporate planners, farmers, environmentalists, industrialists, NGOs, academics and students.In addition to the main topical research articles each issue contains other interesting features: 'Counterpoints and Reply', 'Parlons Graphique' (let's talk graphs) and 'Point de Vue' (points of view); all with summaries written in English, French and German.