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Eurofutures: Five Scenarios for the Next Millennium

Eurofutures: Five Scenarios for the Next Millennium

David Smith

ISBN: 978-1-841-12646-3 July 2004 Capstone 208 Pages




"Few issues lend themselves better to multi-scenario planning than the future of Europe. Here David Smith has filled a glaring gap. He has done so with breadth of vision, open-mindedness, and an authorative command of this complex subject. It is a combination that makes this thoughtful book a must for business planners and policy makers. It also uniquely appeals to Europhiles and Euro-sceptics alike."
—Bill Jamieson, Sunday Telegraph

"At a time when Europe’s future is the subject of a grand experiment, this detailed exploration of what the results might be is invaluable. Everyone will find something to agree with — or disagree with — in Eurofutures. Either way it provides an immense amount of food for thought."
—Diane Coyle, The Independent


The Story so far.

A 50-year Journey.

At the Crossroads.

Scenario 1: The Renaissance.

Scenario 2: Plus ça Change.

Scenario 3: Les Etrangers.

Scenario 4: The Dark Ages.

Scenario 5: The Apocalypse.


The Players.