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Europe Unfolding: 1648-1688, 2nd Edition

Europe Unfolding: 1648-1688, 2nd Edition

John Stoye

ISBN: 978-0-631-22270-5

Dec 2000, Wiley-Blackwell

332 pages

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The revised edition of this classic text covers both the turbulence of war which raged throughout this period, and explores how, alongside such turbulence, it was possible for some countries to both flourish and produce spectacular advances in art, science and thinking.
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1. A New Stability at the Centre.

2. The Crises of Eastern Europe.

3. The Eclipse of France.

4. The Survival of Spain.

5. The Standstill of the North.

6. The Minor Experiments in Autocracy.

7. The Major Experiment: France.

8. The European Mind, 1640-70.

9. The Diplomacy and Warfare of Louis XIV, 1660-80.

10. The Ottoman Empire and its Impact on Europe, 1672-88.

11. The Uneasy Calm of Western Europe, 1678-88.

12. Epilogue: The Interlock of 1688.

The Ruling Dynasties.

Further Reading.


"A well-written, sure, compact narrative which does ample justice to every significant aspect of late seventeenth-century Europe." Times Literary Supplement
  • A revised edition of what is now considered to be a classic text.
  • The 'Further Reading' section has been thoroughly updated to include new publications since the first edition .
  • A broad but detailed survey of European history during the period.