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European Cash Management: A Guide to Best Practice

European Cash Management: A Guide to Best Practice

Marie Dolfe, Anna Koritz

ISBN: 978-0-471-86550-6 December 1999 236 Pages


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If you are involved with an organisation that has not undertaken a recent review of its cash management with expert advice there is a high probability that your organisation is not maximising its resources.
In European Cash Management Marie Dolfe and Anna Koritz draw on their extensive international experience in advising multi-national corporations to give clear practical advice on:
* how to formulate an effective cash management strategy
* how to increase profitability
* how to maximise shareholder value
* recent developments and best current practice
* how to conduct a cash management study
* how to implement efficient procedures and support systems
What is cash management and why is it important?
Trends in cash management
The inflow of funds to the corporation
The outflow of funds from the corporation
Clearing, payments and receipts
Introduction to cash pooling
Efficient international bank account management
Active liquidity management
From vision to contract
Successful implementation
" serves as a useful reference guide or as an introduction to newer members of the treasury team." (Corporate Finance)