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European Journal of Education

European Journal of Education

Edited By:Richard Desjardins and Janet Looney

Vol 53(4 Issues in 2018 )

Print ISSN: 0141-8211

Online ISSN: 1465-3435

Impact Factor: .918

Digital version available through Wiley Online Library

Select type: Journal


The European Journal of Education is an international, peer reviewed journal that presents high quality, recent research and policy analysis with a primary focus on Europe, placed in an international perspective. The Journal publishes the results of European research projects and explores key topics of concern to policy makers and international organisations in Europe and further afield. The Editorial Board brings together academics and policy analysts from different European countries and major international organisations. There is also a network of distinguished Editorial Correspondents who advise the Joint Editors and the Board. The European Journal of Education is now indexed by Thomson ISI and has received an impact factor since 2010.

With European comparative perspective, the European Journal of Education provides brokerage between research and policy communities, covering a range of thematic areas, addressing influential stakeholders and leaders. Evidence-based public policy is a growing area that needs well-researched, appropriate evidence that refers to a set of values. The main aims of the European Journal of Education are to:

• contribute to the policy debate at the national and European level by providing European administrators and policy-makers in international organisations, national and local governments with comparative and up-to-date material centred on specific themes of common interest.
• examine, compare and assess education policies, trends, reforms and programmes of European countries in an international perspective.
• disseminate policy debates and research results to a wide audience of academics, researchers, practitioners and students of education sciences.

EJE is a thematic journal. Part I of each issue contains 5 to 8 articles around a selected theme presenting a range of perspectives and research on the topic under analysis and the key issues for future research and policy. The Guest Editors are acknowledged experts in their field. Themes are identified by the board; they come from European-funded research projects or are based on conferences and seminars. They are proposed by board members, editorial correspondents or other colleagues from all over Europe. Part II contains articles on other themes that have been submitted for publication and peer reviewed.

EJE is the only European journal publishing about education matters that covers a broad spectrum in education, aiming to build bridges between research and policy and to address issues of concern to the different levels and types of education, transversal topics and ‘big issues’ for policy agendas. This includes an active and on-going discussion of EU education policy. The Journal welcomes cross-disciplinary approaches within the education sector and with other sectors.

The Journal actively seeks to partner with organisations (e.g. universities, foundations, international organisations) with a view to organising seminars on topical or futures themes that make it possible to bring together an international network of people from academia, policy, government, international organisations, foundations, education providers, etc. The readership is mainly composed of academics, policy analysts, students of education sciences, teachers (HE, school, VET, adult learning), project and programme managers and action-researchers, international organisations.

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