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European Journal of Lipid Science and Technology

European Journal of Lipid Science and Technology

Editor-in-Chief:Lucie Kalvodova

Vol 120(12 Issues in 2018 ) Print ISSN: 1438-7697 Online ISSN: 1438-9312 Impact Factor: 2.145


Lipids, fats and oils play an ever increasing role in many aspects of health, science and technology, e.g. health requirements, metabolism, tailor-made raw materials and renewable rescources. The European Journal of Lipid Science and Technology focusses on the scientific and geographical integration of this varied spectrum ranging from lipidomics, nutrition and health to analytics, biotechnology and process engineering as well as chemistry and physical chemistry. The journal is the official organ the European Federation for the Science and Technology of Lipids (Euro Fed Lipid).

ISSN: 1438-7697 (print). 1438-9312 (online).

Volume 119. 12 Issues in 2017.

How to cite: To make sure that references to this journal are correctly recorded and resolved (for example in CrossRef, PubMed, or ISI Web of Knowledge), please use the following abbreviated title in any citations: "Eur. J. Lipid Sci. Technol." (punctuation may vary according to the style of the citing journal).