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European Management Review

European Management Review

Edited By:Professor Mustafa F. �zbilgin, Brunel University, London

Vol 15(4 Issues in 2018 ) Print ISSN: 1740-4754 Online ISSN: 1740-4762 Impact Factor: 1.250


European Management Review (EMR) is an international journal dedicated to advancing the understanding of management in private and public sector organizations through empirical investigation and theoretical analysis. As the official journal of the European Academy of Management, EMR aims to foster high quality management scholarship among European scholars, and academics specifically interested in European management issues with a relevance to the global community.

EMR is receptive to research across a broad range of management topics such as human resource management, organization theory, strategic management, corporate governance, and managerial economics. Contributions can also be grounded in the basic social disciplines of management, economics, psychology, or sociology. Articles can be empirical, theoretical, or measurement oriented. Conceptual articles should provide new theoretical insights that can advance our understanding of management and organizations. Empirical articles should have well articulated and strong theoretical foundations. All types of empirical methods - quantitative, qualitative, or combinations of the two - are acceptable.

EMR encourages the interplay between theorizing and empirical research in the belief that they should be mutually informative. The journal is especially interested in new data sources, including models that test new theory and expand sample pools by including alternative approaches to sampling and measurement, and samples drawn from nontraditional or less traditional sources (e.g., from European corporations), and the examination of the validity and reliability of such samples. The journal strives to provide an international forum for dialogue between researchers, thereby improving the understanding of the nature of management in different settings, and promoting the transfer of research results to real-world management practice.