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European Review of Social Psychology, Volume 10

European Review of Social Psychology, Volume 10

Wolfgang Stroebe (Editor), Miles Hewstone (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-471-89968-6

Jan 2002

336 pages

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The most impactful work in social psychology in 2001

European Review of Social Psychology, Volume 10 is part of an annual series designed to provide an outlet for theoretical and empirical work in the interest of furthering international exchange of ideas. Emphasizing the critical assessment of major areas of research and individual programs while exploring topics of contemporary interest and originality results in an informative, yet deeply engaging collection of work. In an attempt to reflect the dynamism of social psychology in Europe, this series publishes work from all nations, and many of these papers have never before been published in English.


Introduction to Volume 10.


Chapter 1: Explaining Asymmetric Intergroup Judgments through Differential Aggregation: Computer Simulations and Some New Evidence (Klaus Fiedler, Markus Kemmelmeier and Peter Freytag).

Chapter 2: Perceived Group Variability in Intergroup Relations: The Distinctive Role of Social Identity (Bertjan Doosje, Russell Spears, Naomi Ellemers and Willem Koomen).

Chapter 3: Cognition, Affect and the Prediction of Social Attitudes (Geoffrey Haddock and Mark P. Zanna).

Chapter 4: Habit, Attitude, and Planned Behaviour: Is Habit and Empty Construct or an Interesting Case of Goal-directed Automaticity (Bas Verplanken and Henk Aarts)?

Chapter 5: Comparing Is Believing: A Selective Accessibility Model of Judgmental Anchoring (Thomas Mussweiler and Fritz Strack).

Chapter 6: Cancellation and Focus: A Feature-matching Model of Choice (Steven J. Sherman, David A. Houston and Deborah Eddy).

Chapter 7: Confirmation and Disconfirmation: Their Social Advantages (Jacques-Philippe Leyens, Benoit Dardenne, Vincent Yzerbyt, Nathalie Scaillet and Mark Snyder).

Chapter 8: Cooperation and Competition as Partners (Evert Van de Vliert).

Chapter 9: Reciprocity in Interpersonal Relationships: An Evolutionary Perspective on Its Importance for Health and Well-being (Bram P. Buunk and Wilmar B. Schaufeli).

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