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Evaluation of Seafood Freshness Quality



Evaluation of Seafood Freshness Quality

J. R. Botta

ISBN: 978-0-471-18580-2 June 1995 180 Pages


Determination and prediction of seafood quality is a hot topic because of the increase in international markets for fresh fish products and the growing aquaculture industry. More fish is being transported long distances than ever before, and means of evaluating freshness are required to help predict end-user quality. There is a need for a good statistical treatment and critique of sensory evaluation methods and their appropriate implementation. This book meets the need. Seafood Quality describes the latest practical methods of assessing, measuring, and predicting the quality of seafood. Written by an expert in the field, who has nearly twenty years of experience in evaluating the quality of seafood. This volume is ideal for researchers in government, academia, industry and workers in seafood processing plants.
Chemical Methods of Evaluating Freshness Quality.

Physical Methods of Evaluating Freshness Quality.

Sensory Evaluation: Freshness Quality Grading.

Sensory Evaluation: Attribute Assessment.