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Event Risk Management and Safety

Event Risk Management and Safety

Peter E. Tarlow

ISBN: 978-0-471-43110-7

Nov 2002

288 pages



Rowdy guests at a festival or convention, a riot at a sport event, a bomb at the Atlanta Olympics, a food poisoning outbreak at a company picnic - each year, thousands of accidents resulting in injury, death, and significant financial loss occur at events. This book provides assistance to event organizers, managers, and planners to reduce, in some cases eliminate, these types of losses.

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1. Risk Management: An Applied and Theoretical Sociological Perspective.

2. Risk Assessment.

3. Alcohol and Events.

4. Crowd Control.

5. Emergencies.

6. Critical Issues for Event Safety.

7. Outdoor Events: Stage Safety, Pyrotechnics, Parades and Demonstrations.

8. Tomorrow's Event Risk Management.

  • Author: The author is a well-respected authority in the area of security, safety, and risk management and consults with us and for-eign governments on security issues.
  • Only current book on the market that addresses the issues of event risk management, safety, and security
  • Includes author's actual experience in dealing with September 11th security and safety issues
  • Mini cases discuss actual problems and solutions to real world situations
  • Chapter overview highlights key points in each chapter
  • Risk Management Drills allow readers to test their knowledge
  • Appendices 1 and 3 give the professional additional resources, including web sites, books, videos, associations, and journal articles
  • Appendix 2 contains list of alcohol and beverage commission contact information by state. Comprehensive reference list and glossary of Pyrotechnic Terms