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Event Sponsorship

Event Sponsorship

Bruce E. Skinner, Vladimir Rukavina

ISBN: 978-1-118-51378-1

Oct 2012

320 pages


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State-of-the-art methods for finding, securing, and retaining the best corporate sponsors
The authoritative guide to creating and closing deals with irresistible ROIs
Event Sponsorship provides step-by-step guidelines for attracting, signing, and keeping sponsorship for any event, including festivals, conventions, expositions, sporting events, arts and entertainment spectaculars, charity benefits, and much more. This hands-on resource presents successful strategies and tools for staying competitive in today's market by offering corporate sponsors the highest return possible on their investment. Leading experts give real-world advice for researching and targeting prospective companies, developing a sponsorship marketing plan, creating an effective proposal, selling the sponsorship, and negotiating a deal.

Learn how to bring increased sponsorship dollars to any event by:

  • Placing value on sponsorships
  • Expanding the value of a sponsor
  • Creating the best image for an event
  • Networking with other event professionals worldwide

With complete coverage including case studies, legal issues, the Internet, the sophisticated corporate customer, non-sports sponsorship opportunities, and an international view of sponsorship, Event Sponsorship is a powerful tool for event managers and other event professionals.

THE WILEY EVENT MANAGEMENT SERIES provides professionals with the essential knowledge and cutting-edge tools they need to excel in one of the most exciting and rapidly growing sectors of the hospitality and tourism industry. Written by recognized experts in the field, the volumes in the series cover the research, design, planning, coordination, and evaluation methods as well as specialized areas of event management.

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The History of Sponsorship.

Chapter 1 Outstanding Events Sell Sponsorship.

Chapter 2 The Sponsorship Marketing Plan.

Chapter 3 Research: The Sponsor's Perspective.

Chapter 4 The Effective Sponsorship Proposal.

Chapter 5 Benefits: The Formula for Sponsorship Success and Growth.

Chapter 6 Creating the Proper Image in the Eyes of Your Sponsors.

Chapter 7 The Creative Approach to Sponsorship.

Chapter 8 The Keys to Successful Sponsorship Sales.

Chapter 9 The Legal Issues in Event Sponsorship.

Chapter 10 The Staff-Sponsor-Client Relationship.

Chapter 11 The Law of Return: How to Keep Sponsors Coming Back.

Chapter 12 The Sponsorship Evaluation Process.

Chapter 13 The Globalization of Event Sponsorship.

Chapter 14 The Importance of Networking.

Chapter 15 The Future of Global Event Sponsorship.

Appendix 1 Resources-Sponsorship Books for Event Managers.

Appendix 2 Periodicals for Event Managers.

Appendix 3 Organizations and Resources for Event Managers.

Appendix 4 Directories for Event Managers.

Appendix 5 Web Sites for Event Managers.

Appendix 6 Video Resources for Sponsorship.

Appendix 7 Sample Sponsorship Proposal.

Appendix 8 Sample Letter of Agreement, Creative Strategies Group, Denver.

Appendix 9 Sample Contract, Portland Rose Festival.

Appendix 10 Sample Benefit Report, Three Rivers Festival, Pittsburgh.

  • Authorship: Bruce E. Skinner was the former President of the International Festival and Event Association, the largest professional association for festivals and special events in the world. Vladimir Rukavina is known throughout Europe as the leading consultant assisting event planners with obtaining sponsorship.
  • Subject Coverage: Each chapter brings the event planner through the steps of obtaining sponsorship including developing a plan, creating a proposal, selling the sponsorship, and negotiating and writing an agreement. Most current resource on this fast-growing segment of the events business.
  • Special Features: War stories, case studies, and an appendix with sample proposals and agreeements make this book useful as a "hands-on" resource for the professional.
  • Examines future trends including use of the Internet, increased sophistication of the corporate customer, and non-sports sponsorship opportunities.