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Evidence-Based Infectious Diseases

Evidence-Based Infectious Diseases

Mark Loeb (Editor), Marek Smieja (Editor), Fiona Smaill (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-405-14098-0 April 2008 BMJ Books 320 Pages




This major text discusses evidence based practice in the principal infectious disease groups. The introduction covers the methodology of systematic reviews in the context of infectious disease, and this is followed by contributions from the leading world experts on the current evidence for best treatments. The book is accompanied by a searchable CDRom of the full text and it will be kept up to date with regular updates of the evidence on its own free access website -

Part 1: Specific diseases.

Skin and soft-tissue infections.

Bone and joint infections.

Infective endocarditis.

Meningitis and encephalitis.

Management of community-acquired pneumonia.



Urinary tract infections.

Sexually transmitted infections.

Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV).

Part 2: Special populations.

Infection control.

Infections in neutropenic hosts.

Infections in general surgery.

Infections in the thermally injured patient.

Infections in healthcare workers