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Evidence-Based Neonatal Infections

Evidence-Based Neonatal Infections

David Isaacs

ISBN: 978-1-118-63673-2

Nov 2013, Wiley-Blackwell

312 pages



Evidence-Based Neonatal Infections is expertly written by David Isaacs, an experienced author renowned for his knowledge in both pediatric infections and evidence-based medicine. It critically analyses the evidence for decision making in neonatal infections.

Evidence-Based Neonatal Infections

* The first evidence-based text on neonatal infections

* Provides practical guidance where evidence is poor

* Complements David Isaacs’ Evidence-Based Pediatric Infectious Diseases (9781405148580)

Practical and evidence-based, Evidence-Based Neonatal Infections is designed to help the clinician with day-to-day decisions on the care of newborn babies with possible, probable or proven infections. It considers clinical questions relevant to neonatologists, analysing the evidence carefully and providing recommendations for optimum management of neonatal infectious diseases, whilst reflecting on:

  • Efficacy and safety
  • Antibiotic resistance
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Adverse effects
  • Ethical considerations

Evidence-Based Neonatal Infections provides a unique reference for neonatologists, pediatricians, trainees, specialist nurses; general practitioners, microbiologists, infection control doctors, and all staff in neonatal units.

About the Author vi

Preface vii

1 How to search for evidence 1

2 Epidemiology 5

3 Clinical manifestations 16

4 Laboratory tests 21

5 Rational antibiotic use 33

6 Adjunctive treatment 48

7 Bacterial meningitis 57

8 Respiratory tract infections 70

9 Osteomyelitis and septic arthritis 78

10 Urinary tract infections 86

11 Necrotizing enterocolitis and gastrointestinal infections 94

12 Eye infections 108

13 Skin and soft tissue infections 117

14 Bacterial infections 128

15 Mycoplasmas 153

16 Fungal infections 159

17 Viral infections 175

18 Other congenital infections 199

19 Breast milk 214

20 Surveillance 223

21 Infection control 229

22 Developing countries 244

23 Prevention of neonatal infections 250

24 Neonatal antimicrobials 269

Index 291

“This is a comprehensive, brief, and very clinical approach to neonatal infections with an international flavor.”  (Doody’s, 12 December 2014)

“The book is a workable length and is best targeted at the neonatal fellow or pediatric resident with an interest in neonatology.  It should be widely used in the resident’s work space as a quick definitive guide to management of neonatal infections and as a tool for discussion of the wisdom of starting therapeutic agents and optimal approaches to the diagnostic challenges of the sick neonate.”  (Clinical Infectious Diseases, 22 August 2014)