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Evidence-Based Orthodontics, 2nd Edition

Evidence-Based Orthodontics, 2nd Edition

Greg J. Huang (Editor), Stephen Richmond (Editor), Katherine W. L. Vig (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-119-28995-1

Jul 2018, Wiley-Blackwell

248 pages


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Evidence-Based Orthodontics, Second Edition retains important elements of the First Edition, with several new sections to improve its use as a quick and comprehensive reference.   

  • New updated edition of a landmark text that surveys the principles and practice of evidence-based orthodontics
  • Offers practical strategies for professionals to incorporate EBO in their daily practices
  • Presents brief summaries of the best evidence for a wide range of clinical topics
  • Incorporates information from over 400 systematic reviews, listed by topic

List of Contributors

Foreword- Dr. Gordon Guyatt 

Chapter 1: Evidenced-based Orthodontics – its Evolution and Clinical Application.
Katherine W L Vig

Chapter 2: Clinical Research Design
Robert J. Weyant

Chapter 3: Electronic Searching for Clinical Trials Information
Anne Littlewood

Chapter 4: Making Sense of Randomized Clinical Trials and Systematic Reviews.
Kevin O’Brien

Chapter 5: Understanding and Improving Our Evidence
Padhraig Fleming, Greg Huang, and Nikolaos Pandis

Chapter 6: Factors influencing facial shape
Stephen Richmond, Caryl Wilson, Alexei Zhurov, Damian Farnell, Jennifer Galloway, Azrul Safuan Mohd Ali, Pertti Pirttiniemi, Visnja Katic

Preface to Summaries

List of summaries of selected systematic reviews, and summary authors

Summary section

List of Systematic Reviews in Orthodontics, by topic, as searched in PubMed through June 30, 2017