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Evidence-Based Pediatric Infectious Diseases

David Isaacs

ISBN: 978-0-470-69217-2 April 2008 BMJ Books 344 Pages



Evidence-based Pediatric Infectious Diseases is a practical guide to the diagnosis and management of childhood infections in clinical practice. Renowned Clinical Professor of Pediatric Infectious Diseases, David Isaacs, and an expert consultant editor team, bring you the first book to critically look at the evidence for decision making in pediatric infections.

Based around illustrative case studies, each chapter presents and analyzes current evidence on the management of different pediatric infections and provides firm treatment recommendations based on evidence of:
• efficacy and safety
• antibiotic resistance
• cost
• adverse effects
• ethical considerations.

Clear summaries and specific guidance allow you to assess the evidence for yourself and make rapid but informed management decisions based on the strength of evidence available. Antibiotic doses are presented clearly and simply, enabling you to select appropriate treatment at a glance.

This book uses a case-based approach that focuses on the most common disease areas affecting children in industrialized countries, developing countries, travelers and refugees. It is an up-to-date, relevant and widely applicable text that carefully examines the evidence for antibiotics and other interventions whilst encouraging a conservative and responsible approach to antibiotic use.

Evidence-based Pediatric Infectious Diseases is an indispensable resource for any practitioner who strives to provide the best evidence-based care for childhood infections.

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1 Evidence-based practice.

2 Rational antibiotic use.

3 Cardiac infections.

4 Cervical infections.

5 Eye infections.

6 Fever.

7 Gastrointestinal infections.

8 HIV infection.

9 Immune deficiency.

10 Meningitis and central nervous system.


11 Osteomyelitis and septic arthritis.

12 Respiratory infections.

13 Sexually transmitted and genital infections.

14 Skin and soft tissue infections.

15 Systemic sepsis.

16 Tropical infections and travel.

17 Urinary tract infections.

18 Viral infections.

Appendix 1 Renal impairment and.


Appendix 2 Aminoglycosides: dosing and.

monitoring blood levels.

Appendix 3 Antimicrobial drug dose.



"Written by experts in infectious diseases, immunology, microbiology and general pediatrics, this book is a guide to the diagnosis and treatment of the most common childhood diseases...A useful and practical text."Pediatric Endocrinology Reviews Dec. 2007<!--end-->

"I would recommend this book for the library shelves of any paediatric unit. Personally, I will be turning frequently to this volume as a reference book for my everyday practice." Archives of Disease in Childhood, 2008

"Highly recommended." Paediatric Endocrinology Reviews

The first book to critically analyse the evidence for decision making in pediatric infections for busy clinicians

  • Experienced author renowned for his knowledge in both paediatric infections and evidence-based medicine

  • Concentrates on the diagnosis and management of pediatric infections, aimed primarily at pediatricians and general practitioners

  • The use of illustrative cases is particularly appropriate for an evidence-based discussion of optimum management in this wide specialty