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Evidence-Based Pediatric Oncology, 2nd Edition

Evidence-Based Pediatric Oncology, 2nd Edition

Ross Pinkerton (Editor), A. G. Shankar (Editor), Katherine Matthay (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-470-98714-8 October 2007 BMJ Books 576 Pages


Using the available systematic reviews and Standard Options Recommendations (SORs) which are evidence-based treatment recommendations, Evidence-based Pediatric Oncology is a ground breaking text on the management of childhood cancers. Covering all tumour types occuring in children and young adults, it provides systematic reviews with recommendations for optimum treatments for childhood cancer.

Offering reviews and commentaries from leading internationally recognised paediatric oncologists, this fully revised second edition now covers significant randomised controlled trails.


Ross Pinkerton.

Part 1: Solid Tumors.

Ross Pinkerton.

1 Rhabdomyosarcoma.

Commentary by Michael Stevens and Meriel Jenney.

2 Osteosarcoma.

Commentary by Alan Craft.

3 Ewing’s sarcoma.

Commentary by Alan Craft.

4 Wilms’ tumor.

Commentary by Daniel Green.

5 Neuroblastoma.

Commentary by Katherine Matthay.

6 Hepatoblastoma and malignant germ-cell tumors.

Commentary by Ross Pinkerton.

7 Medulloblastoma.

Commentary by Joann Ater.

8 Glioma.

Commentary by Joann Ater.

9 Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

Commentary by Tim Eden and Ross Pinkerton.

10 Hodgkin’s disease.

Commentary by Tim Eden and Ross Pinkerton.

Part 2: Leukemia.

AG Shankar.

Acute myeloid leukemia.

Commentaries by Judith Chessells and Vaskar Saha.

11 Induction regimens in acute myeloid leukemia.

12 Role of autologous BMT in children with acute myeloid leukemia in first remission.

13 Role of maintenance treatment in childhood acute myeloid leukemia.

Childhood lymphoblastic leukemia.

Commentaries by Vaskar Saha and Judith Chessells.

14 Steroids and asparaginases during remission induction therapy in childhood lymphoblastic leukemia.

15 CNS prophylaxis in childhood lymphoblastic leukemia.

16 Continuing therapy in childhood lymphoblastic leukemia – duration of continuing therapy.

Part 3: Supportive Care in Pediatric Oncology.

Katherine Matthay and AG Shankar.

17 Use of hemopoietic colony stimulating factors (G-CSF, G-MCSF and erythropoietin).

18 Cardioprotection in pediatric oncology.


"This reference provides a useful "one-stop shop" for some of the key data from RCTs in paediatric oncology. The study summaries are short enough to be easily digested while having sufficient detail to allow readers to glean key facts." (EBM, February 2009)

"The book provides good material for readers to get up-to-date with the latest clinical trials in the field of pediatric oncology … .The information given is up-to-date and is presented in a simple and easy to understand manner" (Sultan Qaboos University Medical Journal, December 2007)

"[T]he book has an international feel and the writers comment on American and European views. Perspective, hard facts and evidence based is the strength of this book, a heavyweight in his clas." (Bulletin of the Royal College of Pathologists)

“This book must be in the library of any practicing pediatric oncologist … authors do not follow the classic format … but instead focus on the presentation of important … trials.” (Doodys Book Reviews)

Established as the most up to date reviews of trials in pediatric oncology

  • Includes reviews and commentaries by the world's leading experts

  • Thoroughly revised and updated edition of a unique text
  • Provides systematic reviews with recommendations for optimum treatments for childhood cancer
  • Covers all tumour types occurring in children and young adults
  • Supported by an updated and improved website and CD-ROM