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Evidence-Based Psychotherapy Treatment Planning DVD and Workbook Set

Evidence-Based Psychotherapy Treatment Planning DVD and Workbook Set

Arthur E. Jongsma Jr., Timothy J. Bruce

ISBN: 978-0-470-62157-8

Jun 2010

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The Evidence-Based Treatment Planning Video Series offers step-by-step guidance on how to use empirically supported treatments to inform the entire treatment planning process. In a viewer-friendly manner, Drs. Art Jongsma and Tim Bruce define empirically supported treatment, describe levels of evidence criteria, and examine the essential elements of treatment planning. Understanding and applying the information learned from the DVDs increases the likelihood of client improvement and helps you meet the requirements of most accrediting agencies and funding sources.

The DVD:

  • Provides a succinct history and critique of the evidence-based treatment movement including therapist and client factors, outcome measurement, the therapeutic relationship, and applicability
  • Explores the advantages of empirically supported treatment for the client, clinician, agency, and profession
  • Offers a clear direction for therapy without losing sight of therapeutic relationship factors
  • Discusses the six essential elements of a treatment plan in a tutorial section on how to create an effective and clear treatment plan

The Companion Workbook includes:

  • Summary highlights of content shown in the DVD
  • Discussion questions
  • Chapter review test questions and answers
  • Empirical support and clinical resource chapter references
  • Bibliotherapy resources

System requirements:

  • Playable on a set top DVD player or a computer with a DVD-ROM drive, at least 512 MB system RAM, and a software DVD decoder
  • PC requires Windows 2000 or higher; Mac requires OS9 or higher
  • Sound card and speakers required to listen to audio