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Exam 70-600: Windows Vista

Exam 70-600: Windows Vista

Microsoft Official Academic Course

ISBN: 978-0-470-06956-1

Jul 2007

528 pages

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The Microsoft Official Academic Course (MOAC) Program is the official product for Microsoft Programs in higher education.  These learning products are created especially for the academic market and combine the business world focus and market research of Microsoft with 200 years of successful higher education publishing from Wiley.

The program is based upon the same curriculum as the Microsoft IT Certifications to build the skills students need to succeed at work and the preparation they need to validate those skills and get the jobs they seek.

All the support instructors need to deliver great courses on Microsoft software is in the program.  Microsoft Updates will bring you the latest information on new products and curriculums and are a part of the program.  MOAC is a great way for instructors to get ready to teach and for students to get ready to learn.

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Lesson 1. Getting Started
About Microsoft Windows Vista
Lesson 2. Working with Files and Folders
Lesson 3. Organizing Files and Folders
Lesson 4. Personalizing the Vista Workspace
Lesson 5. Customizing Folder Windows
Lesson 6. Working with Multimedia Files
Lesson 7. Searching for Files and Folders
Lesson 8. Getting Help and Support
Lesson 9. Monitoring the Vista Environment
Lesson 10. Managing System Resources
Lesson 11. Managing Software
Lesson 12. Using Windows Vista and the Internet
Lesson 13. Managing a Networked Environment
Lesson 14. Collaborating with Others
Lesson 15. Customizing Your Computing Environment
  • 180 day trial version of Microsoft Office Professional Edition 2007  packaged with each corresponding textbook
  • Task based approach to learning software uses, features, and commands
  • L1 Assessment and Learning software from Certiport available with the book
  • Microsoft Updates – Technology and curriculum seminars delivered through the Wiley Faculty Network 
  • L2 Certification Assessment from Certiport available with the book
  • Free MSDNAA license for the department available upon adoption
  • Microsoft Certified Application Specialist mapping throughout the text The certification exam objectives are introduced and summarized in each lesson, and they are called out at the point of introduction throughout the lesson
  • Three levels of assessment at the end of each chapter build student confidence from competence to proficiency to mastery
  • A wealth of authentic business scenarios are introduced and used in each lesson
  • Early introduction of hands on activities in each lesson