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Excel 97 Bible

Excel 97 Bible

John Walkenbach

ISBN: 978-0-764-53036-4

Jan 1997

960 pages

Select type: Paperback

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Excel 97 has finally arrived, putting in your hands more and better features than ever before. Excel 97 Bible gets you up to speed with all of them quickly -- even if you've never used Excel before. With Excel guru John Walkenbach to guide you, you'll get the low-down on everything from enhanced what-if analysis tools to the easy-to-use Internet Assistant, which turns your spreadsheet into a Web page that others can view over the Internet or your organization's intranet. Comprehensive and authoritative, Excel 97 Bible is the indispensable, all-in-one reference you need to unleash the power of the world's most popular spreadsheet application.


Chapter 1: A Bit of Background.

Chapter 2: What's New in Excel 97?

Chapter 3: Getting Acquainted with Excel.


Chapter 4: Navigating Through Excel.

Chapter 5: Working with Files and Workbooks.

Chapter 6: Entering and Editing Worksheet Data.

Chapter7: Essentials Spreadsheets Operations.

Chapter 8: Working with Cells and Ranges.

Chapter 9: Creating and Using Formulas.

Chapter 10: Using Worksheet Function.

Chapter 11: Worksheet Formatting.

Chapter 12: Printing Your Work.

Chapter 13: Chart-Making Basics.

Chapter 14: Enhancing Your Work with Pictures and Drawings.

Chapter 15: Putting It All Together.


Chapter 16: Advanced Charting.

Chapter 17: Creating Maps with Microsoft Map.

Chapter 18: Creating and Using Worksheet Outlines.

Chapter 19: Linking and Consolidating Worksheets.

Chapter 20: Creating and Using Array Formulas.

Chapter 21: Using Excel in a Workgroup.


Chapter 22: Importing Data from Other Sources.

Chapter 23: Working with Lists.

Chapter 24: Using External Databas Files.

Chapter 25: Analyzing Data with Pivot Tables.

Chapter 26: Performing Spreadsheet What-If Analysis.

Chapter 27: Analyzing Data Using Goal Seeking and Solver.

Chapter 28: Analyzing Data with the Analysis ToolPak.

Chapter 29: Sharing Data with Other Applications.

Chapter 30: Excel and the Internet.

Chapter 31: Making Your Worksheets Error-Free.

Chapter 32: Fun Stuff.


Chapter 33: Customizing Toolbars and Menus.

Chapter 34: Using and Creating Templates.

Chapter 35: Using Visual Basic for Applications (VBA).

Chapter 36: Creating Custom Worksheet Functions.

Chapter 37: Creating Custom Dialog Boxes.

Chapter 38: Using Dialog Box Controls in Your Worksheet.

Chapter 39: Creating User-Oriented Applications.

Chapter 40: Creating Custome Excel Add-Ins.


Appendix A: Using Online Help: A Primer.

Appendix B: Worksheet Function Reference.

Appendix C: Excel's Shortcut Keys.

Appendix D: What's at the Web Site.

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Bonus Content

Bonus Content

The files on the download menu accompany various chapters in the book (see Appendix D, page 859).

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