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Excel Formulas and Functions For Dummies

Excel Formulas and Functions For Dummies

Ken Bluttman, Peter G. Aitken

ISBN: 978-0-764-59647-6

Jul 2005

402 pages

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  • Targets beginning to intermediate Excel users seeking real-world examples of how they can use Excel's powerful built-in functions
  • Shows readers how to use Excel functions in formulas to help them decide between buying and leasing a car, calculate mortgage costs, compute grades, evaluate investment performance, figure college expenses, and more
  • Gives explanations and examples of real-world situations
  • Provides an abbreviated discussion of an additional 200 functions
  • Excel commands nearly 90 percent of the market for spreadsheet applications; although this book is written for Excel 2003, the functions described are in earlier versions as well

Part I: Getting Started with Excel Formulas and Functions.

Chapter 1: Understanding Fundamentals, Formulas, and Functions.

Chapter 2: Saving Time with the Insert Function Dialog Box.

Chapter 3: Understanding Array Formulas and Functions.

Chapter 4: Correcting Formulas.

Part II: Evaluating Loans and Investments.

Chapter 5: Calculating Loan Payments and Interest Rates.

Chapter 6: Performing Advanced Financial Calculations.

Part III: Working with Numbers.

Chapter 7: Using Math Functions to Figure Basic Math Answers.

Chapter 8: Getting More Advanced with Math.

Chapter 9: Using Descriptive Statistical Functions.

Chapter 10: Using Significance Tests.

Chapter 11: Using Prediction and Probability Functions.

Part IV: Working with Data.

Chapter 12: Working with Date Functions.

Chapter 13: Keeping Track with Time Functions.

Chapter 14: Using Lookup, Logical, and Reference Functions.

Chapter 15: Working with Information Functions.

Chapter 16: Working with Text Functions.

Chapter 17: Summarizing Data with Database Functions.

Part V: The Part of Tens.

Chapter 18: Ten + One Great Tips for Working with Formulas.

Chapter 19: Top Ten Functions You Must Know to Be an Excel Guru.

Chapter 20: Ten Cool Things to Do with the Analysis ToolPak Add-In.