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Excessive Crying in Infancy

Excessive Crying in Infancy

Tony Long

ISBN: 978-1-861-56449-8 August 2004 152 Pages


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Using findings from one study in particular, but including evidence from a wide range of studies over the past 10 years, Excessive Crying in Infancy addresses potential causes, suggested solutions, and parental response to this common, debilitating problem. Numerous examples and quotations from parents illustrate the book which offers crucial insights into the experience of parents as they struggle to cope with the chaotic disruption that affects every member of the household, desperately seeking a reason for the crying and a cure to end the misery. The positive effects of supportive interventions are highlighted, together with specific messages that may be important to enhance parents' ability to cope.

The text will be of particular interest to health visitors and other community health care professionals who offer support and advise to parents in the home or in the clinic.


Chapter 1 Introduction.

Chapter 2 The nature and size of the problem.

Chapter 3 The search for a cause.

Chapter 4 Effects of excessive crying.

Chapter 5 Parents' efforts to cope.

Chapter 6 Interventions and support.

Chapter 7 Concluding remarks.