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Executive's Guide to E-Business: From Tactics to Strategy

Executive's Guide to E-Business: From Tactics to Strategy

ISBN: 978-0-471-37639-2

May 2000

304 pages

Select type: Hardcover


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Is E-Business Helping You--Or Your Competitors?
E-business is transforming the commercial landscape and completely redefining traditional business assumptions. In an e-nabled world:
· Customers demand personalized, intimate relationships resulting in new levels of transaction simplicity and service value. Companies use the Internet to expand into new markets and grow.
· Products and services are designed for e-sales and customer segmentation. Companies package their most strategic asset--institutional knowledge--and bundle information with products and services to create new value for customers.
· Business processes seamlessly integrate with customers and business partners as companies build value networks, focus on their core competencies, and outsource non-core business components.
· Organizational structures are aligned to clarify internal governance for e-business. Process-oriented measures maximize the worth of information velocity in the value network.
· Systems and technologies utilize the Internet for most interactions between customers and business partners. Rapidly developing and maturing e-business applications make the Internet the place to do business.
· People and culture are transformed as work forces embrace the value of partnering and external relationships and employee knowledge equates to service value.
In Executive's Guide to E-Business: From Tactics to Strategy, PricewaterhouseCoopers professionals present a new model that all executives and managers involved in an e-business undertaking can use to prepare for the challenges of disruptive change, to foster communication and understanding throughout their organizations, and to achieve sustained competitive advantage. In doing so, they reveal the B2B e-business tactics and strategies used by successful companies worldwide to significantly boost performance and substantially improve market share.
With information applicable to a wide range of industries, Executive's Guide to E-Business will help any company take its rightful place in the e-nabled world and reap the tremendous benefits of the e-business revolution.
Snapshot One: Channel Enhancement.
Snapshot One: Effects of Channel Enhancement on Organizations, People, Process, and Technology.
Snapshot Two: Value Chain Integration.
Snapshot Two: Effects of Value Chain Integration on Organizations, People, Processes, and Technology.
Snapshot Three: Industry Transformation.
Snapshot Three: Effects of Industry Transformation on Organizations, People, Processes, and Technology.
Snapshot Four: Convergence.
Snapshot Four: Effects of Convergence on Organizations and People.
Managing Risk in E-Business.
Navigating Change: Becoming an Extraprise-Ready Company.
An Analytical Framework for E-Business.