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Experiencias: Intermediate Spanish



Experiencias: Intermediate Spanish

Diane Ceo-DiFrancesco, Gregg Thompson, Kathy P. Barton, Alan Brown

ISBN: 978-1-118-51784-0 November 2019 448 Pages

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Join Sofía as she guides second-year Spanish learners through this innovative and engaging new language course

Experiencias: Intermediate Spanish is a dynamic and innovative Spanish course that builds students’ language competency and offers realistic language encounters on topics of genuine interest, so they can improve their ability to communicate authentically in Spanish. In Experiencias: Intermediate Spanish, students meet Sofía, a native Spanish speaker who guides them through the learning process. Sofía hosts videos in which she interviews Spanish-speaking community members, asking them to share their perspectives on the topics of each chapter.

The Experiencias course focuses on connecting language with culture, engaging students with content related to the real Spanish-speaking world. At the intermediate level, learners build on their knowledge from the beginning course as they explore new contexts and more advanced language structures. Additional pedagogical features include an emphasis on metacognitive learning strategies, a reduced grammatical syllabus that leaves room for extra work on challenging areas, and content recycling throughout the text for enhanced language mastery.

  • Takes students on a journey through the Spanish-speaking world, featuring a different country in each chapter
  • Offers innovative pedagogical techniques and activities drawn from the authors’ own classroom research
  • Engages students with a focus on culture, practical communication, and video interviews with native Spanish speakers
  • Develops oral and written communication skills through authentic tasks structured by the ACTFL  Proficiency  Guidelines

With WileyPLUS for Experiencias: Intermediate Spanish, students have access to an enhanced e-text featuring videos, audio recordings, interactive vocabulary exercises, educational animations, links to additional resources, and more. This text is an excellent choice for today’s intermediate Spanish speakers, whether in traditional or online classroom environments.


Capítulo 1 Relatos de una vida mejor p. 1

Capítulo 2 Otro mundo, otra experiencia p. 34

Capítulo 3 Hacia un mundo más saludable p. 66

Capítulo 4 Cuidando de nuestro planeta p. 103

Capítulo 5 Expresiones artísticas p. 138

Capítulo 6 Puentes entre culturas p. 169

Capítulo 7 El comercio justo p. 203

Capítulo 8 Educación para todos p. 231

Capítulo 9 La sociedad cambiante p. 264

Capítulo 10 Servicio en la comunidad p. 298

Capítulo 11 Actividades artísticas y musicales p. 331

Capítulo 12 Diversas experiencias p. 363

Appendix: Syllable (Word-level) Stress and Written Accent Marks in Spanish p. A-1

Glossory: Spanish-English p. G-1

Glossory: English-Spanish p. G-6

Index p. I-1