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Experiencing Recruitment and Selection

Jon Billsberry

ISBN: 978-0-470-05730-8 November 2007 218 Pages


Recruitment and selection can be a stressful and traumatic process for both people and organizations. But how does it feel to actually be involved? Giving a voice to both applicants and recruiters in a unique package, Experiencing Recruitment and Selection uses real-life stories to explore issues such as why people apply for jobs, perceptions of fairness, how failure affects internal applicants, the impact of market forces on decisions, how recruiters select for ‘fit’ and much more. In each chapter Jon Billsberry tackles a particular topic, drawing on at least three related stories and concluding with provocative questions and a guide to further reading. The stories are interwoven throughout with analyses that highlight key lessons.
List of Stories.

About the Author.



Overview: Paradigms.

PART I: The Selector’s Perspective.

Chapter 1: Responsibility.

Chapter 2: Professionalism.

Chapter 3: Interviews.

Chapter 4: Structure.

PART II: The Applicant’s Perspective.

Chapter 5: Source.

Chapter 6: Salvation.

Chapter 7: Failure.

Chapter 8: Disrespect.

Chapter 9: Fairness.

PART III: Multiple Perspectives.

Chapter 10: Fit.

Chapter 11: Market Forces.

Chapter 12: Politics.

Chapter 13: Case Study: The Prison Service Assessment Centre.

Some Concluding Thoughts.


"The book makes for interesting reading and is likely to both shock and amuse the reader at times … .Well structured and easy to read." (Journal of Occupational Psychology, Employment and Disability, Spring 2008)