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Experimental Aerodynamics Methods: Application to the Design of Aircraft

Experimental Aerodynamics Methods: Application to the Design of Aircraft

Andrew J. Rae, David Hurst

ISBN: 978-1-119-21331-4

Jan 2020

600 pages


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This book provides an introduction to the many experimental techniques used in the design and flight test of aircraft, with particular attention to how and why techniques are used, and when they’re used. Experimental Aerodynamics Methods and their Application to the Design of Aircraft has an over-arching storyline of the aircraft design process with specific chapters addressing each of the principles, but give a guide to the strengths and limitations, the pros and cons of each so that their application can be assessed against a particular requirement of the design process. An associated bibliography will provide further reading for those wishing to get fully detailed information. In addition to the experimental and flight test methods, explanations on the capabilities and use of other design tools are provided to explain the reasons why  some techniques are necessary. For instance, a brief description of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) is needed to explain why much of the ‘benchmarking’ wind tunnel testing is required. This book brings together full information on wind tunnels and techniques and on the aircraft design process in one book while explaining what is done when and how.