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Experimental Dermatology

Experimental Dermatology

Edited By:Thomas A. Luger and Ralf Paus

Vol 21(13 Issues in 2012 ) Print ISSN: 0906-6705 Online ISSN: 1600-0625 Impact Factor: 2.608


Experimental Dermatology provides a vehicle for the rapid publication of innovative and definitive reports, letters to the editor and review articles covering all aspects of experimental dermatology. Preference is given to papers of immediate importance to other investigators, either by virtue of their new methodology, experimental data or new ideas. The essential criteria for publication are clarity, experimental soundness and novelty. Letters to the editor related to published reports may also be accepted, provided that they are short and scientifically relevant to the reports mentioned, in order to provide a continuing forum for discussion. Review articles represent a state-of-the-art overview and are invited by the editors.

Effective with the 2013 volume, this journal is published in an online-only format

Colour illustrations will be accepted free of charge

Free access to all review articles