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Experimental Methods for Exotic Nuclei

Experimental Methods for Exotic Nuclei

Reiner Krücken, Jens Dilling

ISBN: 978-3-527-41038-5

May 2015

550 pages

Select type: Hardcover

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Filling the gap for a comprehensive account of experimental techniques currently used in modern nuclear structure studies, this book covers nuclear fusion processes including plasma processes in astrophysics, laser spectroscopy and isotope separation. A must have for nuclear, particle and astrophysicists alike, the monograph will equally serve as a valuable source for graduate lecture courses in modern nuclear physics.
Starting point
Nucleon-nucleon interaction, ab-initio calculations of light nuclei
Shell structure and its modification far from stability
Collectivity at low and high energies (vibrations, rotations, giant resonances, pygmy resonance)
Neutron and proton drip line (halos)
Superheavy elements
N=Z nuclei and isospin symmetry
Shape coexistence
Production of radioactive ion beams
Ground state properties
Gamma-ray spectroscopy
Radioactive decays