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Expert Access 2007 Programming

Expert Access 2007 Programming

Rob Cooper, Michael Tucker

ISBN: 978-0-470-24906-2

Oct 2007

688 pages

Select type: E-Book

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Expert Access 2007 Programming shows experienced developers how to create professional-level Access database applications. The authors—software engineers on the Access development team at Microsoft—show how to apply software engineering methodologies to Access application development. The book is organized to cover all phases of Access development.

The authors demonstrate techniques for creating Access controls, forms, and reports that help streamline development and produce more user-friendly applications. They also cover such overlooked areas as custom deployment and documentation. The book contains many useful code examples designed so they can be used with minimal modification.


Part I: Programming Access Applications.

Chapter 1: Overview of Programming for Access.

Chapter 2: Extending Applications Using the Windows API.

Chapter 3: Programming Class Modules.

Chapter 4: Debugging, Error Handling, and Coding Practices.

Part II: Data Manipulation.

Chapter 5: Parsing Data.

Chapter 6: Using SQL to Retrieve Data and Manipulate Objects.

Chapter 7: Managing Data.

Part III: Interacting with the Application.

Chapter 8: Using Code to Add Advanced Functionality to Forms.

Chapter 9: Using Code to Add Advanced Functionality to Reports.

Chapter 10: Using Automation to Add Functionality.

Chapter 11: Creating Dynamic Ribbon Customizations.

Part IV: Finalizing the Application.

Chapter 12: Configuration and Extensibility.

Chapter 13: Personalization and Security.

Chapter 14: Deployment.

Chapter 15: Help and Documentation.

Appendix A: Programming Tips and Tricks.

Appendix B: Query Performance.

Appendix C: Pattern Reference.


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