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Exploiting Volatility: Mastering Equity and Index Options

Exploiting Volatility: Mastering Equity and Index Options

David Lerman

ISBN: 978-1-118-63385-4

Apr 2013

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Run Time: 108 minutes.
Have you ever experienced options prices declining and your option strategy letting you down all of a sudden? If this sounds familiar, you might have fallen victim to volatility - the major factor for failing trades. In this highly informative video presentation, renowned author and veteran trader David Lerman explains to you not only the various forms of volatility - historical, implied, forecast, and future - he also shows you how to easily analyze and apply them. Join him as he illustrates the pros and cons of leading option strategies, featuring examples from both equity and index options. Find out which methods suit your trading style best by getting guidance on:

  • delta, gamma, theta, and vega - the four options pricing variables every trader MUST understand
  • time decay - the wild card in every options strategy
  • straddles - the ultimate volatility-based options plays
  • understanding and utilizing volatility percentile rankings, and much more

An integrated options literacy quiz helps you analyze your skill level. This powerful session is an ideal primer for those ready to improve their trading tactics toward soaring profit potentials. Get started now by taking matters into your own hands!