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Exploring the Modern: Patterns of Western Culture and Civilization

Exploring the Modern: Patterns of Western Culture and Civilization

John Jervis

ISBN: 978-0-631-19622-8

Mar 1999, Wiley-Blackwell

372 pages

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This book provides the first comprehensive account of the social and cultural aspects of modernity over the past two centuries.


Part I: The Modern Self.

1. The Theatrical Self: social drama and personal identity.

2. Subjects and Citizens: the politics of everyday life.

3. Street People: the city as experience, dream and nightmare.

4. The Consolations of Consumerism.

5.'We Are Born Naked - Everything Else is Drag': clothing the body, fashioning the self.

6. The Seduction of Romance: fictions of love, narratives of selfhood.

Part II: The Modern Age.

7. Sacred, Secular, Sublime: modernity performs the death of God.

8. Machines and Skyscrapers: technology as experience, hope and fear.

9. From Enlightenment to Holocaust: modernity and the end of morality.

10. Modernism, Art and Culture.

11. The Image, the Spectral, and the Spectacle: technologies of the visual.

12. Postmodern Times?.

Key Terms.

Biographical Notes.

Guide to Further Reading.

* Provides a socio-cultural approach to modernity using a theoretical perspective drawn from cultural studies and sociology.
* Broad interdisciplinary appeal across the humanities and social sciences.
* Includes a glossary and guide to further reading.