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Explosion Source Phenomenology

Explosion Source Phenomenology

Steven R. Taylor (Editor), Howard J. Patton (Editor), Paul G. Richards (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-66382-0

Mar 2013, American Geophysical Union

268 pages

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Published by the American Geophysical Union as part of the Geophysical Monograph Series, Volume 65.

In March 1989, the Department of Energy (DOE) and the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) sponsored a symposium on Explosion Source Phenomenology at Lake Tahoe, California. The purpose was to summarize the state of knowledge of the underground explosion source, based on U.S. experience at the Nevada Test Site (NTS). Specifically, the goals were to summarize knowledge of the explosion source, to identify limits of that knowledge and existing problems, and to propose directions of future research and data?]collection efforts.

The Explosion Seismic Source Function: Models and Scaling Laws Reviewed
M. D. Denny and L. R. Johnson  1

Free-Field Seismic Observations from Underground Nuclear Explosions
J. R. Murphy  25

Modeling Near-Field Data at NTS and Amchitka
D. Helmberger, L. Burdick, and R. Stead  35

Free-Field and Free Surface Ground Motions from Nuclear Explosions, Their Spatial Variations,
and the Constraint of Physical Source Mechanisms
B. W. Stump and R. E. Reinke  47

Experimental Studies of Stochastic Geologic Influences on Near-Source Ground Motions
R. E. Reinke and B. W. Stump  63

Yield Estimation Using Shock Wave Methods
F. K. Lamb, B. W. Callen, and J. D. Sullivan  73

Nonlinear Attenuation Effects Outside the Zone of Macroscopic Failure
B. P. Bonner and B. J. Wanamaker  91

Review of Attenuation in Salt at Moderate Strains
W. R. Wortman and G. D. McCartor  99

The Teleseismic Manifestation of pP: Problems and Paradoxes
T. Lay  109

Broad Band Estimates of the Seismic Source Functions of Nevada Explosions from Far-Field Observations of P Waves
A. Douglas  127

The Effects of Spall on Teleseismic /'-Waves: An Investigation with Theoretical Seismograms
J. Schlittenhardt  141

Near-Source Scattering of Rayleigh to P in Teleseismic Arrivals from Pahute Mesa (NTS) Shots
I. N. Gupta, T. W. McElfresh, and R. A. Wagner  151

Body Wave Observations of Tectonic Release
T. C. Wallace  161

Seismic Moment Estimation and the Scaling of the Long-Period Explosion Source Spectrum
H. J. Patton  171

Regional Seismic Observations from NTS Explosions
S. R. Taylor  185

Pn for the Nevada Test Site
L. J. Burdick, C. K. Saikia, and N. F. Smith  197

Effects of Explosion Source Parameters on High-Frequency Pg Spectra
E. P. Chael  211

High-Frequency P Wave Spectra from Explosions and Earthquakes
W. R. Walter and Keith F. Priestley  219

The Transition to the Elastic Regime in the Vicinity of an Underground Explosion
J. B. Minster, S. M. Day, and P. M. Shearer  229

Simulation of Teleseismic Body Waves, Regional Seismograms, and Rayleigh Wave Phase Shifts
Using Two-Dimensional Nonlinear Models of Explosion Sources
J. L. Stevens, T. G. Barker, S. M. Day, K. L. McLaughlin, N. Rimer, and B. Shkoller  239

Explosion Phenomenology in Jointed Rocks: New Insights
F. E. Heuze, T. R. Butkovich, O. R. Walton, and D. M. Maddix  253

Effects of an Explosive Source in an Anisotropic Medium
B. Mandal and M. N. Toksoz  261