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Extreme Values: Statistical Analysis Using R

Extreme Values: Statistical Analysis Using R

Lee Fawcett, David Walshaw

ISBN: 978-1-119-36998-1

Jun 2020

384 pages

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The statistical analysis of extremes is becoming more and more prevalent as we observe increasing levels of variability and turbulence, both in the natural world, and within social organizations such as commercial and financial institutions.


In this book, full coverage is given to the analysis of extreme value data using R, providing the reader with the best starting point for analyzing data when the aim is inference about extreme values of the underlying process. The main topics in extreme value analysis are featured, together with a clear practical guide on how to implement the relevant statistical analysis using R. The book is aimed at those needing to carry out extreme value analyses, examples used will be taken from applications in engineering, reliability studies and in financial analysis where extremes are of interest (e.g. insurance/reinsurance).