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FACTS: Modelling and Simulation in Power Networks

FACTS: Modelling and Simulation in Power Networks


The first book to provide comprehensive coverage of FACTS power systems modeling and simulation.
* Detailed coverage of the development of FACTS controllers and guidance on the selection of appropriate equipment
* Computer modelling examples of the FACTS controllers for steady-state and transient stability systems
* Numerous case studies and practical examples


Modelling of FACTS Controllers.

Modelling of Conventional Power Plant.

Conventional Power Flow.

Power Flow including FACTS Controllers.

Three-phase Power Flow.

Optimal Power Flow.

Power Flow Tracing.

Appendix A: Jacobian Elements for FACTS Controllers in Positive Sequence Power Flow.

Appendix B: Gradient and Hessian Elements for Optimal Power Flow Newton's Method.

Appendix C: Matlab® Computer Program for Optimal Power Flow Solutions using Newton's Method.


"I certainly recommend this book to all power system planning engineers and students who wish to follow careers in this area." (IEEE Canadian Review, Summer 2005)